Is Casanova Potty Trained?

Unfortunately, he is not. However, every visit includes a designated person to clean up any messes. Additionally, Casanova has a diaper he can wear to help avoid manure from getting on the floor. Generally, if inside, horses will not pee on a hard surface. While this is not guaranteed, it is a common habit shared by miniature horses.


Does Casanova work with adults and kids?
Yes! Casanova loves to work with adults and kids. He does have extensive experience with kids, allowing him to have safe interactions with young ones!


Can Casanova come inside?

Casanova is trained to do elevators and small stairs. He can go inside as long as the entrance and exit are horse-friendly. If you are concerned about Casanova's ability to move indoors, please contact us!


Do you offer occupational therapy sessions?

At this time, we do not offer occupational therapy sessions. Our team does not have an occupational therapist and cannot accept patients for treatment. However, we can bring Casanova to therapy clinics where professionals can use him to assist with their treatment. 


Does Casanova visit hospitals?

Yes, Casanova has visited hospitals! His most recent visits included therapy work at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. If you work for a hospital, please contact us, as we would love to grow our hospital relations. 


How do you transport Casanova?

Casanova is transported to events via a van.


Can I ride Casanova?

We do not allow pony rides on Casanova due to his small size. However, individuals can walk, brush, and do other ground activities with Casanova.


Does Casanova have a therapy certificate?

Yes, he is certified through the You Make The Difference Program.


**If you have any other questions, please reach out to us via email.