About Us

About the Founder:

My name is Lauren Hammond, and I'm the heart and soul behind Mini Therapy Wonders. I wanted to share a bit about myself and the journey that led to the creation of MTW.

My passion for horses has been a constant thread throughout my life. There's something truly magical about the way they communicate without words, sense our emotions, and invite us to be fully present in their serene presence. While volunteering at various equine-assisted therapy centers, the inspiration for Mini Therapy Wonders came to me. The idea of combining my devotion to occupational therapy with the enchanting power of horses seemed like a path meant to be traveled.

As a current occupational therapy student at the University of Southern California, I've always been drawn to the healing impacts a horse can have on a human. I got my first horse when I was 10 and didn't realize the impact it would have on me. Fast forward to high school, I bought Casanova with the hopes of being able to share his healing abilities with others.

Mini Therapy Wonders is the culmination of that vision—a place where my dreams, dedication, and desire to make a difference have converged. As I pursue my journey towards becoming an occupational therapist, I am committed to sharing the transformative experience horses can have with individuals seeking this connection.

Here at Mini Therapy Wonders, I invite you to explore the remarkable world of Casanova, our therapy-certified miniature horse, a gentle companion that embodies the essence of empathy, understanding, and hope.

About Casanova:

Meet Casanova! The four-legged fellow who brings boundless joy, gentle nudges, and a whole lot of heart to the Mini Therapy Wonders family. Standing at only 29 inches tall, it's hard to believe he is fully grown!

Casanova came to Miniature Therapy Wonders in 2018 from All Star Farms. He received his therapy certification at All Star Farms, where he underwent extensive therapy training. Once he arrived in Los Angeles, he promptly began working with children and helped assist in treatment at equine occupational therapy centers. He has received a blue star for his therapy service and continues serving the greater Los Angeles area. 

Casanova's most notable achievements include working at Buena Vista Therapy and Children's Hospital Los Angeles, where he helps assist therapists in treating pediatric patients. Actives often include walking Casanova around obstacles, brushing Casanova, decorating Casanova with stickers, and much more! 

While he may be small, the impact Casanova can make is immeasurable. Casanova helps kids find their confidence, build relationships, and embrace their unique abilities. Through gentle exercises, interactive games, and heartwarming moments, he is here to prove that healing comes in the most unexpected forms.